Sam Noakes

This is my personal blog where I like to showcase and give my opinions on emerging technology and new devices. My major area of focus is around Drone technology, however, I enjoy the challenge of taking products outside their intended usage and showcasing them towards a great market audience. Storytelling via a range of mediums is something I’m particularly proud of being able to do well.

I love classic cars, short video editing, wide varieties of music as well as sports which could be showcased as apart of my journey through this platform

I’ve started another website called 5 A.M Technology, which showcases some of the drone work, photography, media art installations and video content on YouTube that I’ve accumulated over years of media practise.

I studied at the University Of Wollongong, with a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies.


Email: samnoakes95@gmail.com

YouTube: Sam Noakes (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfYnEv4Gq3118IyRWYEUjnA)

Twitter: @samnoakes95

Instagram: aerial_sam

Free Look: http://www.iaccelerate.com.au/iaccelerate-centre/residents/736-free-look.html

5AMTECHNOLOGY: http://www.5amtechnology.com

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