3D Printed “Cyborg Beast” Part 3

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Another progressive video detailing my 3D Printing adventures at the University Of Wollongong. Slightly longer, but I tend to get carried away!

Encountered a few issues with the first hand, so I decided to print another! The task seemed silly, but with a “prototype” i was able to come across problems to hopefully finish this time-consuming task. I’ve loved every minute and would like to thank Owen and the 3D Printing Workshops run to successfully print all the parts for my prosthetic hand. (As well as some novelty items along the way)

Now, I’ve got to assemble the hand.

UPDATE: 3D Printed Cyborg Beast!

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Second post of my Digital artefact is up! Finally¬†I’ve got all the large parts and basis of my prosthetic hand printed and now all that remains is the screws and elastic that will make it operational (hopefully)

So far issues relating to the hand is minor and easily overcome with more time and development of the project. These inlcude the size of the hand being different to what I was expecting, yet I’ve went along with it and hopefully can make the same impact on a child, or person with a small wrist. Secondly was the support material from the Right extruder of the Dreamforge¬†was making the holes for the screws to insert into blocked and therefore unusable. This problem happened to the fingers and gauntlet, yet was overcome with the fingers and palm by disabling this feature. The gauntlet will (if time permits) have to be redone trialling this method.

Otherwise this is a progressive video detailing the ease in which this platform offers its users.