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Digital Dissent & Technology

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Continuing a path of digital immersion, I find myself writing about what Digital Dissent means to the way media and communication is delivered and theorised. By creating a simple mind map, a bunch of peers and myself were able to break down the differences in the two words and build a connection to the words associated all the way back to the originals (Digital/Dissent) and discover that the two are linked in almost every way.

mind map digital dissent

Technology seemed to be linked to the digital side, with the dissent focusing on the verb side of the phrase “digital dissent”. What can be done with the technology or words that are thought of when thinking digital. An interesting direction due to the reading by J, Hands focusing a lot early on about the Agency of technology and how it can’t always just e referred to as an object in space. He explains the way on one hand the technology is manipulated by us and we tell it what to do, but also how the technology shapes us, and can almost run our lives for us. This can be expanded with what the class drawing this mind map came up with subheadings  for digital such as “lifestyle” and further “addiction” linking then to controversy. I found that a really interesting point of view in which I agree that some forms of technology can shape the way we act, but I don’t agree its all negative or controversial, it’s just evolution.

A video that shows an objects agency perhaps the best in my opinion is the idea of the “internet of things” and a video called The Social Web Of Things that shows how a house can be linked to the human world of social media in order to operate autonomously.

Lastly, some topics I’m really looking forward to exploring further is Digital Means for Civil ends, as I detailed in a short oral presentation, I’ve been interested in the past on topics such as “CamOver” and “anonymous” which both look at hacktivist groups and the idea of cyber-anonymity which could convert into a really interesting piece that people perhaps aren’t fully aware of that’s happening.

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