Giving Meaning to Experience in Life.

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I’m not usually a huge believer in FATE or LUCK, rather, looking at these as gestures from a kind mixture you create for yourself using opportunity and preparation, to which I think comes from a Roman philosopher Seneca when talking about perspective. Don’t get me wrong, I think variants of these are gambling or the like, but when referring to my own life and personal experience and relationships, I genuinely believe that the mistakes and work you do behind the light of praise and acknowledgment results in perhaps views from others as “Lucky”. This mentality is what drove me to reflect on a decision I’ve recently made, and give attention to detail of the experience I’m having and will have, in choosing this class I’m currently undertaking, “Advanced Seminar in Media and Communication”.

I want to take you on an Auto-Ethnographic journey starting from week 1, and leverage this platform to showcase how I’ve decided that not only can you reflect on work and effort put into a particular outcome, but you can value the experience along the way. This was showcased to me when asked to think (spontaneously) about an event, in which I’ve mentioned I undertook study in a subject I assumed would be theoretically too advanced for me and something I perhaps didn’t need to finish my tuition.

I’m in my final semester of studies. I have enough “Credit Points” to attain my degree without this subject. I’m quite busy in terms of extra-curricular activity. The course description screams academic writing and honours. But I decided the challenge to myself is to keep diving deeper into my studies. The value I’ve upheld since starting this new degree (transferring from a B. of Performance in 2014) is that of never become comfortable, because thats when I fear I’m getting left behind. It got me thinking throughout the class of the successful nature this opportunity gave me.

Looking back, this value I hold to myself of making the most out of relocating for further studies, it’s not the first time I’ve taken on a decision with zero momentum carrying me through forcing me to learn a completely new field. My first year, second year and consequently where I am now in third year have all started with me taking a risk with literally no idea how or why to start. The drone influence I’m trying to push on a hesitant public stems from my desire to build one in my vision for a particular purpose. I have zero engineering skills and even less attention span, which lead me to use a series of YouTube videos on how to build one as quickly and painless as possible. It’s something that has subconsciously driven the majority of my university success and something I’m now passionate about when asked to speak to students coming through the university setting worried about creating “good projects” or not having any ideas.

What I’m really impressed about in my decision to choose a subject I believed was a professional practise and not something I could offer a lot turned out to be something I’m really excited to apply my own autobiographical stories and experience to further reveal the complexities in a fast-paced changing trajectory the completion of modern media studies has to offer.



Digital Asia Intro!

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Hi there!

My name is Sam Noakes and i’m a First Year Communications and Media Studies Student at UOW! I’m really excited about taking on this subject and would like to take a short moment to introduce my interests and try and brainstorm out some ideas for an interesting project. Last semester I researched into 3D Printing after having no prior knowledge and was able to produce a working prosthesis with the technology. This captured my imagination and I’m hoping to unlock some greater advancements in this subject through digital Asia.

In a broad sense my interest and curiosity starts with technology and innovation. I love seeing new prototypes of innovation whether it be the latest object to be 3D printed or just another use for a drone. Cars are probably one of my greatest interests in particular American and Australian Muscle, WRC and more recently RallyCross, Street and Circuit and lastly performance and graphics.

Science fiction is my genre of choice for film including Starwars and Transformers, and EDM choice of music. Gaming is something I’m really passionate about but haven’t devoted as much of my time participating in as far as the on-line scene goes!

Sports lastly takes up the last of my lifestyle with cricket, rugby league and Extreme sports being amongst  the variety i enjoy watching and participating in.

That’s it for now, and I hope to follow one of these paths and explore further to broaden my knowledge on their impact in emerging Asian Culture!