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In response to the stimulus ‘technology’ we are challenged to think deeper than a piece of equipment or objects that replicate the general consensus to a much broader topic. Take for instance the word ‘Techne’ ¬†that amounts to the response of limits of human capability by making or doing. When first given this understanding about the origins of the word I couldn’t help but think back to talks I had with academics when constructing a 3D printed prosthetic hand in the direction of cyborgs. This extension of human capability allows something that replicated human movement be replaced by technological advancement that had the opportunity to for expansion and perhaps go beyond the limitations that natural anatomy presents. This leads into the production of technology as a response to nature, in this case the human body. It’s features can than be drawn on by more than just the technology itself, but by the social conditions in which they are developed and used. For example, the one I created had a significantly cheaper build cost to a common plastic prosthesis simply by the use of the 3D printer. Implications of its use and the idea of body modifications can be explored through the ethical considerations of the technology itself and the current body enhancement readings available in medical records.

Another topic I want to draw on is the idea of trajectory that allows the history of development to be understood as a movement though space. A changing usage or even access to this sees social implications to a global network. A group and I took a look at the way music consumption has taken various forms thus the gramophone to vinyls through to the mp3 and later Bluetooth and streaming services. All major shifts that affect the production and distribution of music and later introduced legislation to avoid legal battles in copying or pirating. These new advancements saw new ways of usage discussed above with the merging of music and being able to play the songs you like in automobiles as one example.

Lastly, groups were formed and topics discussed in what will be a pitch to a classroom about what kind of presentation each will research. Social media and campaigns are a growing field and a broad area to think about, to which we set about thinking how can these platforms be used better. The full detail will be decided further upon discussion with academic staff.