Co-Production or Co-Survival

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Co-productions provide a means to pool financial, creative and technical resources from participating countries for the production of film and television programs.

The idea of a co-production is the hybrid mix of usually a well established Hollywood institution exploring new elements and genres through international collaboration. This, in a Utopian environment would mean the chance for smaller companies to mingle in and eventually have more cast a crew from various backgrounds having input that would boost the circuit of film and create “potential to reflect upon globalization processes, such as the hybridization of cultures and their diversification” (Doris Baltruschat, 2002)

Australia currently has treaties in force with the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Germany, Korea, South Africa, Singapore and China, and Memoranda of Understanding with France and New Zealand (Screen Australia, 2016)

Co-productions by country, as at 30 April 2016



The Great Gatsby is one of my all time favourite films and the genre Baz Luhrman seems to work in and the editing style as well as the exaggerated points of the film all draw me into the final piece. I was interested to find out that this film claims to be Australian, and for the most part I understood why, Aussie Director, actors and some locations. But then upon further research, the Novel is by American Author, The main protagonist ‘Gatsby’ is played by American Actor Leonardo DeCaprio as well as various other international cat and crew. So is The Great Gatsby Australian? I think a better way to understand these concepts is that the storyline very much depicts events that followed the great depression in Australia. That’s why it was picked u by Australian media producers, because they believed it could be highly reflectable to some social situations. Much like its success in America, with the events of the “Great American Dream” being showcased and perhaps resonated with throughout, thus: It deals with the dangers of pursuing the American dream and the pitfalls of decadence, vanity and materialism( B, Rosen 2014)


“As in virtually all countries throughout the world, the Australian film distribution and exhibition industries are dominated by American product. To a lesser extent, American influences can now be felt in the production of Australian films as well…recently, Fox Studios has opened its doors in Sydney, NSW. “(French, L 2001) This then brings to light the question whether future claimed to be ‘Australian’ films can be called that. With production of the next Thor and Alien movies will be produced in Australia. It will bring creatives from the U.S yet still feature Australian locations, and even actors such as Chris Hemsworth who stars in the title role of Thor. Perhaps this is exactly what the Australian film industry needs to happen so that creatives can continue to have their expressive element on Hollywood blockbusters.

Arts Minister Mitch Fifield praised Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s efforts in securing the productions.

“The PM has taken a minute-by-minute interest in this venture,” he said.

“He was determined to see that this would be landed, and I think the announcement that we are making today is a concrete example of what the PM means when he talks about the agility of government, the agility of industry, to support innovation and to deliver jobs.”(Borrello, E 2015)


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