3D Printing Life in Space

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Traditionally, animation is the layering of frames in time sequence to create movement and ideally life to objects. Yet take 3D Printing, it’s a layering process as well, yet it’s done in the space to create a physical form. The great challenge is to represent feelings, emotion and/or life to a material object, and 3D prints i believe give a concept physical form and is brought to life over a series of layered slices. For my digital artefact for example, I’m printing parts for a prosthetic hand that will maneuovour similarly to a human hand with tendons. It’s been described as “not simply a tool” but more a projection of the users limb. The prosthetic thereforeĀ is limited to the imagination to bring it to life as its function is to replicate life, as part of a human body.

I’ve found that explaining my thoughts in a Paint document helps to identify what I mean about the layering process for animation against 3D printing.