Child Tries the Cyborg Beast 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand

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A short post showing the practicality of the 3D Printed Prosthetic I’ve created for my digital artefact at the University of Wollongong. I travelled to Kurrajong for this volunteer, and she was able to strap her arm and hand in and wear the working prosthetic. She gave me some valuable feedback that will allow me to improve the gauntlet for future works.

The gauntlet is suited for those missing their hand from the wrist down, and will fit people of most sizes with this deficit, however, in order to showcase this I had to use a small child’s clenched fist as this size resembles most others wrist. In other words, if my hand was removed this prosthesis would fit me.

The Second last video for this project, so enjoy and stay tuned for the last!!

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Cine’ Roman “VAPE”

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This Cine’ Roman project was inspired by William Gibson’s tweet

“The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year is… vape …  “ ( .

This caught my attention as ‘vape’ was derivative of Vapour, which could encompass elements from all parts of my imagination. Vapour is known to disappear so I started to brainstorm a mind map all aligning physical elements of air including mist, smoke, steam and haze. Then I wrote down some connotations that came with them including themes of cold, mysterious, transience, illusion and fade that would ultimately set up the theme in my project.

Aspect to Aspect film techniques were used to convey the complexity of the vaporising narrative, which depicts a young girl arriving home in a dark and ambiguous location, only to encounter death in this horror subject. A focus on the subject initially using Hitchcock’s rule with the subject in majority of the scene, then later expanded to notions of Vape that eventually show to consume her. Things such as smoke from a lighted match, long exposure (showing illusion type shots) of a driving car, steam from hot water on cold surfaces and shower steam from both inside and exiting the windows were used as the setting for this work.

Upon using premier, I’ve tried to create tracking lines of pan and zoom along the smoke pathways to entice the audience eyes in a narrative way that opens the gap for interpretation.  The accompanying sound adds to the suspense of the project, and a running commentary from me recites poetry about the transience of life as a metaphor for vapour’s swiftness to leave.

Cyborg Beast 3D Printed Prosthetic Part 4

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Completion! My digital artefact of a 3D Printed prosthetic has been constructed and as apart of the process I’ve filmed the assembly to show how I was able to combine my skills learnt in BCM112 and my own research to create a working Cyborg Beast.

Total time to print was around two and a half hours, which included a broken gauntlet (therefore a reprint in white) and sourcing all the materials needed to assemble it. To buy the screws and other materials needed for this cost me around $35 in total and the uni provided the 3D Printed parts.

Would like to plug the 3D Printing Workshops run at the University Of Wollongong, as a lot of my knowledge came from Owen in those classes. Also to the BCM112 staff Chris and Ted for helping me whenever I needed! Stay tuned for a final lighter side video encompassing the prosthesis!

3D Printing Troubleshooting “Cyborg Beast”

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So upon making and constructing my Cyborg Beast Prosthetic Hand, I’ve run into some minor set backs that I’ve had to address and overcome. This is a look at what kind of things to consider when making the hand. It’s been a lot of fun and a great learning process. Also, if you’re thinking about doing your own and I haven’t covered it this video, or even something related to 3D Printing, drop me a message and I’ll see if I can help! so check it out 😀

3D Printed “Cyborg Beast” Part 3

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Another progressive video detailing my 3D Printing adventures at the University Of Wollongong. Slightly longer, but I tend to get carried away!

Encountered a few issues with the first hand, so I decided to print another! The task seemed silly, but with a “prototype” i was able to come across problems to hopefully finish this time-consuming task. I’ve loved every minute and would like to thank Owen and the 3D Printing Workshops run to successfully print all the parts for my prosthetic hand. (As well as some novelty items along the way)

Now, I’ve got to assemble the hand.

Political Online Persona

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The power of social media has always fallen under a less important banner to that of “legacy media” when it comes to politics. But with the rising trend of individuals seeking their own news, the influences sites such as Twitter and Facebook are having on the new generation of content being created, I believe Tony Abbott’s views on it should change.

Constructing this online media persona, candidates, I believe can appeal to a wider range of personnel on the internet. Tools such as the “#” are ever increasing methods of collectiveness and have the ability to reach a larger scale of people then regular methods of campaigning. In this YouTube video I will look into this notion, and how I believe Mr Abbott should definitely reconsider his opinions on social media, as it could perhaps increase his popularity amongst my own generation of cyber culture.


3D Printing Life in Space

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Traditionally, animation is the layering of frames in time sequence to create movement and ideally life to objects. Yet take 3D Printing, it’s a layering process as well, yet it’s done in the space to create a physical form. The great challenge is to represent feelings, emotion and/or life to a material object, and 3D prints i believe give a concept physical form and is brought to life over a series of layered slices. For my digital artefact for example, I’m printing parts for a prosthetic hand that will maneuovour similarly to a human hand with tendons. It’s been described as “not simply a tool” but more a projection of the users limb. The prosthetic therefore is limited to the imagination to bring it to life as its function is to replicate life, as part of a human body.

I’ve found that explaining my thoughts in a Paint document helps to identify what I mean about the layering process for animation against 3D printing.