wk15: due date

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Today was our last day to nail it. I believe we did.

We re-made the spiral pages with premium cardboard paper with the cut out poem attached.

Ironed the sheets that covered our furniture so that the medium we’re using was a professional quality. The furniture that made the cut were a door, single chair, two tables and props sources from op shops that gave a homely feel. The lights we’re using are a mix of flood lights with a red gel on them and ambient light from the room and projectors. We sported the idea of using a lamp but found that it was too much interfering with the others.

We decided the projector on the floor for the start of the spiral was out of place and the position of the actual subject itself was wrong, so we went back to the original location and used a LED screen to loop the poem for he start. We also uses photo frames for the remaining cut outs of paper and formed a strange dialogue with the paper to have some kind of urgent vacation feel to the whole room.

I particularly like the accidental features of our work, not least the idea of words spilling from a cup due to a break (this represents the hardship showcasing emotion through the poems and the words that are central to this idea). This was both an aesthetic pleasure and a great utilisation of the space we were allocated.

The time and effort has been challenging this semester, especially with the size of our groups and the amount of creative input from every member. This has definitely been an iterative process and the theme of the whole work I believe we’ve narrowed down through the use of revisiting departure points and feedback from the year group and tutors alike. Some of the physical skills that i’ve improved in a media arts sense has been really beneficial, and the time given to us to work on this project has been a credit.

Tomorrow we go live.




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