recess: wk 14

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What made these people leave?

Fathom how extreme the world would have been, to which they were forced to flee.

The intent behind their doings. 

Society now, after the journey. 

Sonnys suggestion about possible departure points**

The week off for a study recess however we as a group knew we still had work to do as a collective to get this ready for presentation, so we came in anyway and continued our good run from the previous week.

We spent the majority of this week making sure the furniture was exactly where we wanted it. The double sofa was alright but used a lot of space and by feedback we kinda got the vibe that it crammed everything into a corner and didn’t allow the audience to walk around the central subject. We tried a variety of abstract type set ups as well with some of the furniture, for example, Chloe tried hanging the chairs from the ceiling with rope, however, it was effective as an aesthetic but not so much creating the story or setting up a conversation between the materials. For this reason we decided to not add anything too dramatic, but to effectively place what we do have so that the space felt like it was coming forward to the audience.

The TV screens that we toyed with for a few weeks (that had the static and short video edits by Sonny and David) were no longer serving the story we wanted to inspire to the responders. We did decide to use our original intention of a projection, this time an outside coloured window straight onto the wall. This will allow our digital intentions survive the installation, whilst not creating a medium that will loose audience attention of the room. We really wanted to utilise the space and perhaps create a feeling of emptiness (using the colour white) inside and showcase the colour and urgency to get out (showcased by the colour of the window)

Sonny agreed to chat with his family to gain some content for the spiralling papers up the ceiling for weeks leading into the showcase. I believe this contextual heavy subject will only gain authenticity with these actions and provide an overarching theme to the work. Perhaps even include these findings on the paper scrolling up the work in the middle. I want to look into this being the overall theme of the works, the story starting on the ground with the original text for the responder to see, and as it goes up the paper, it slowly gets more around the room so that the story “comes to life”. We’ll see if this can be explored deeper in the next 2 weeks. Perhaps we look at the idea of it ending as it moves out into the space so that then we eventually “reconfigure storytelling” from two physical mediums, paper and space.


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