Week8: New Member / new iteration

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Week 8 provided us with a new group member and the chance for us to revisit our project pitches and areas we are particularly interested in. How we can allow interactions between different mediums represented through ideas and expertise we a major part of this week. Getting to know one another we learnt that, Chloe’s was scale, being new to the group this also gave another theme to a group adding to the quantity of us being larger than most other groups, Steph’s was retelling a story through editing, David’s was utilising the medium of clay, Mine was utilising the medium of broken technologies for an aesthetic, Sonny’s was utilising installation to explore the Vietnam War and Chelseas was using projection on an installation.

We began talking and trajectory quickly lead into the works I’d created in the past. This was a projection based work that worked with the idea of holographic projection. I’d filmed myself doing activities in a typical household set up with colours and definite furniture arrangement. I then projected this exact film onto the space, however, coloured or covered the entire (once coloured) space white, and the projection of the video captured would light the space to make a presence felt, without being occupied.

We ended up creating a video feature of the Vietnam war showcasing the different sides, implications and effects of the warfare over two different projections. We had quite a few set backs with the projectors getting to play the files, later to discover the problem was due to our drives were formatted incorrectly and not to MS-DOS (FAT 32). We ended up setting up something to showcase at least what our ideas, which in fact ended up being our strongest presentations of the iteration process. We kind of “jammed” something together using a tv monitor, one with a typewriter laid across a table and the other projecting a looping letter typed that was an transcript of a Ho Chi Minh talk. These were a quick mashup, and our feedback was that there was something that worked with the typewriter on an LED screen lighting up a dark space. There was an absence feeling given off the the responders that was something we could possibly explore further.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 9.39.05 pm

When we weren’t trying to force an emotion or a theme was when we connected more. The absent feeling in a room or having a sense of loss was strong, almost like the audience was interrupting something or someone that wasn’t there. This was something I really felt fascinated by and would assume we’d continue in the future, or at least keep the elements that worked well.


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