Week11: Jamming / Disagreeing

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The way to approach the project was almost a daunting task, due to we felt like our iterations we getting further and further away from what actually worked really well in the early weeks of showcasing. We were advised to start disagreeing with one another and sparking debate about projects to create a sense of jamming within ourselves.

Yet another iteration, this time Chloe had the idea to make a ‘room’ out of sheets utilising the square framework of the ceiling. The idea was to use these sheets as walls and a new way to project images around a contained space. We were advised by Jo to use Tulle, as when its spread over a series of layers it can project multiple copies of the one image. This was utilised to create the sense of multiple letters, using the live typewriting  as this theme.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 10.49.00 pm

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 10.49.40 pm

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 10.50.07 pm

The red overtone was lost due to it being too obvious in previous weeks its influence of the work. The typewriter was still one of our major success factors from previous weeks so we decided to play with positioning until we placed it on the floor below the tulle filled letters. We had a strobe light set up accompanied by a helicopter audio piece to give off the effect of outside horrors of the space. This room was suddenly turned into a house of curiosity inspired work that had themes of war and claustrophobia. An uncomfortable space to which the outside happenings forced the panic and quantity of the letters being released.

The end was much similar to previous weeks. It felt like a lot of content and lacking some real direction and meaning. We also agreed that the sheets would be a very difficult medium to present on as they’d need to either be weighted at the bottom or ironed out to look more presentable. The room or disconnection to the media space and immersing the audience in a new world however, worked well. Perhaps just the content being forced onto the responder is where we need to improve on. Allowing the audience to not fully understand what the meaning behind some content features are is where we need to focus. The suggestion to fully understand an emotional connection with the happenings of such a disastrous event like war, was to gather as a group and read letters written by people involved as a group and see what sparks from this. Another suggestion was to split up as a group and formulate ideas as smaller factions, then allowing the works to speak to one another through different locations and creative process that we’ve been trying for weeks in a row.


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