Week10: Ideas x6

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Perhaps our greatest and worst feature as a group is that we have so many good ideas that would make projects for a smaller magnitude of members. This week showcased this when we iterated feedback last week that not enough was being talked about or not enough angles and subjectivity were being explored. We decided to show an assortment of images, text, sounds and projective content that had something to do with the hardships or parodies of war.

On one screen, displayed was The Tin Pot General and the Old Iron Woman, which is a satirical take on the pointlessness of the Faulkland’s war, filled with sexual innuendo and exaggerated images. On another screen, was the typed letter we’ve continued into this week, however we’ve taken the scale to one extreme to the other, making it the smallest projection shown in the whole installation and being perhaps the most excluded section of the space. The use of the paper and projection of words onto it was re-thought as a group, we weren’t using the true materiality of the paper, and instead we could write another story onto the paper.  Taking some of Mat’s feedback about using a completely different way of storytelling, like a Taylor Swift song, we decided to write the lyrics from Khe Sahn by Cold Chisel about returning home after the Vietnam War. 

Perhaps something we aimed for, and indeed didn’t get across effectivley was the earlier weeks of exploration of the Virtual Reality experience of being taken out of the space and submerged into another. Something was happening no matter where you look and no two people would have synced movements and audio listening. The feedback we received was that now there were too many stories and they didn’t work together well, so the space felt disjointed.  Jo suggested we play with the white sheets, that maybe the empty furniture could represent the home of a family who had fled and this is what they left behind. 

Perhaps the idea of the previous work I created with white spaces creating a sense of ambient presence.


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