Task 2: Project Design and Management

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Earlier this semester, I detailed the beginning of a research project I wanted to undertake within the University to uncover the truths, myths and trends of student motivation toward starting and more importantly maintaining a project that would not only benefit the degree, but be a tool for creating and adding to the new age portfolio of digital literacy and competence when going to seek employment or start a professional career in a practise. My project proposal had a lot of ambitious research methodologies and aimed to gather as much information from students at the university as well as a survey and a background research into the generational trends that dictate student motivations

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 9.19.59 am.png

The feedback from the initial planning was succinct into a working model and a realistic plan. I’m conducting a focus group discussion with the tutorial class on Thursday week9 at 2:30pm class. This will allow me to ask the following questions to a sample of students that are required by the degree to complete projects or equivalent related to my project plan. The questions are as follows:

Focus Group Questions

  1. What motivations drive your projects at university across any subject?
  2. Do you complete projects or think about projects in the way that you could incorporate it into a professional portfolio or something you’re keen to pursue after university?
  3. Do your projects require extra motivations because they’re being marked at university, or does the feedback assist the final product?
  4. Do the topics or inspirations for a project resonate an interest?
  5. What barriers or “put offs” you believe stop you (and other students) from starting a project and making it publically available
  6. What projects have you done in the past that are digitally available for a portfolio?
  7. Are these projects possible career options, or could they be moulded into a career niche?

I’ve identified the timeline I want to stick to, and leading into week 8 (this week) I’ve narrowed down the questions I want to ask as well as the research I want to look into and see if I can crack the code university students and teachers have been trying to channel since I’ve began my learning career.

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