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Visiting the Powerhouse Museum’s display of ‘Materialising the Digital‘ as well as the accompanying exhibition of ‘Interface‘ allowed me to start design thinking and how a physical display can be showcased in a space. It can take the form of interactive, relying on audience participation, however what resonated with me was the nostalgic aesthetic with Interface. This exhibition examined the way “design has been applied to information technology products”. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 9.15.15 pm

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 9.15.30 pm



These works for me showcased how individual consumers have slowly been given complex machines and technologies and have them designed over the years to make them accessible and appealing. It showcases Steve Jobs and his influence of devices being engineered to aesthetic and the reiteration process so that ideas can become products.

It perhaps got me thinking about the nature of devices being un-operational yet still a ‘graveyard’ aesthetic to showcase a timeline effect. I’ve, through my studies and personal works, gone through a few drones that have either partially or fully broken that I’m thinking could take my idea of iteration or physical showcase rather than video (digital) content. I think an arrangement, lighting and content arrangement could explore this notion of “dead” technology.

“Drone graveyard” 

Even having footage from each one hanging with it could be a way of expressing a fallen device or broken device. The evolution idea wouldn’t be justified with each model perhaps being not an iteration of the other, but perhaps to get the perfect “digital video” these are the technological sacrifices needed.

IDEAS // Materials // Technologies

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 10.33.31 pm

I’m very interested in the way this opens up E-waste, and how it’s represented as both as an aesthetic and a coded message. Perhaps this could ignite some more exploration in the kinds of devices, perhaps not limited to quadcopters, maybe use the history I’ve researched in previous posts to incorporate into a work. Cam corders, video cameras and even early aerial photography have all progressed and in turn left devices no longer functional. When these devices stop working where do they go and how are they treated?

Looking to the proposal I’d like to explore the material element of the devices we use in media art to produce screen based works. Perhaps the tools we use for our works need to be showcased as a trophy for the content it’s produced. I’d like to then see how this could tie into E-waste elements and the idea of non-working inanimate objects being the aesthetic.



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