Why DO a Project ? // Research Proposal

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Are projects undertaken by students at university intrinsically or extrinsically motivated?


Whether or not students undertake a research project based on intrinsic or extrinsic motivations are irrelevant, at the end of the day we all are required to do one in some form or another and this semester I aim to conduct the “inception” research methodology of a project about projects.

Throughout my university endeavours my classes have all required a major project or digital artefact in some format whether it be a physical submission of a device or a platform that is openly active on the internet. These were all based, for me personally, on a curiosity trajectory that I wasn’t sure i’d finish, nor did I know if it were going to be anything like the intention at the beginning. This is how I’ve come to be in the position I am, and is why I’m such a believer in the skill set characteristics getting involved and making things early and documenting everything  can produce. Is everyone else doing these projects set out to work towards a practice field or area of expertise? Or are there those that create content for the mark to pass a class for a degree?

I’d love to hold information sessions about the class initially, ask them what their projects are and then to understand the process that goes into the making of and thinking behind a creative work. Does their curiosity spark their works and/or are they looking at developing a skill set in media and communications ie. photography skills or editing in particular software. In terms of data collection, I think perhaps a focus group of a seminar group would be effective my my progress. I would adjust the sample number according to variation in answers and perhaps think about creating a survey based on the results in the form of if intrinsic/extrinsic in nature in response to projects what these are, and direction taken after completion. I’d also like to gather my own research into trends on generational differences in graduates, and perhaps looking at a shift in values from university, whether the full focus is on the career at the end or the present experiences created by what interests us.

Compare these results with projects completed in the past, which could serve an interesting tool for students to engage with my final project to reflect on their university careers so far and the direction they’re headed, whether it be theoretical  or practical in nature. This kind of project links directly with a guest lecture appearance I made encouraging students to not think about marks and essays as the “easy option” or “cop out” when a project gets overwhelming or looks like failing.




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