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Perhaps a word to describe the origins of my university trajectory would in-fact be week one’s topic of ‘Curiosity’. I’ve always been fascinated with topics or activities that I have little to no experience in. This included this degree, it also included where I wanted to take this course and mould myself into the practitioner I am today.

I’m Sam and I’m 3rd and final year of my Communications and Media (digital media) degree. I want to take you on a journey that has been my BCM career to date, and how I plan to take the same mentality that’s brought so many interesting iterations along the way.

In 2015 I walked into a class that required me to create a project with a digital creative medium to convey a message. Initially it was challenge because I hadn’t used the allocated platforms, however I knew I wanted to create a video series and I wanted to do it with something I had no idea about and perhaps inform others that our curiosity could be this message I spent countless hours wondering what was. So I created a 3D printed prosthesis for a young child who had lost their left limb from the forearm down. This was successful and upon my curious endeavours was able to apply our creative communication practise to health sciences and engineering faculties, done through the powerful aid of YouTube and content aggregation.

This didn’t push me as much as the curiosity bug did, and so by the next semester I was curious about an entire device, the Drone (or quadcopter, or UAV). This is where I am today. I was first of all curious how I could build a project with something I was backgrounded in with a technology I once thought was a breed of cattle. So, inevitably, it was taken to the farm I worked on before moving to university and created a short series on Drones Agricultural Uses. This was with the cheapest off the shelf drone and the free software pre-installed on my laptop at the time. The aesthetic didn’t interest me, the curious nature of pumping out what another use for this technology did, and these particular videos helped me reach some sort of message, and with perhaps better resources the crisp quality could have met those who needed it.

Today, I’ve come along way in teaching myself through thorough research of Wiki-hole like trial and error. I’ve successfully built my own drone, by first wondering how it all works and buying a cheap off the shelf one and taking it all apart screw by screw. I was curious to how I could apply my fascination with their usage outside commercially safe aerial photography and videography, which has lead me to customising my own to do what I need it to do.

Curiosity has lead me into trying to change the way these devices are thought about at surveillance and military tools into how they’re application to make certain jobs safer or increase an aesthetic to a film or movie video piece. This is my exploration with the device i’ve created and want to continue to give the opportunity of showcasing and receiving feedback. My device being 360 degree video enabled highlights the curious nature of the user, and gives them freedom to all but fly the device to see what they desire. This will hopefully make sense in the projects I conduct in the future, whereby YouTube video content doesn’t restrict its user to view what I intended.


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