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My name is Sam Noakes and I’m in my 3rd year of communications and media studies at the university of Wollongong. My area of interest lies with quadcopter, drone and aerial photography and videography and how our perspectives are altered to a disembodiment gaze through the lens controlled without physically moving (to get the shot)

Credit: Aerial Video Toronto 

I like the relationship we are slowly accepting with technology and cybernetic theory thats associated with enhancement. In my case, with the human eye and our ability to amplify the range of sense in vision with these robotic quadcopter. The ever-growing autonomy of these devices means that we can rely on them, less that what they rely on use to understand their environment. I love exploring the possibilities coding and tinkering has on the computer element of them, and the external images they produce as well as the physical presence in a space, and the relations of other works to their barriers or external factors.

existing field

Cyberculture, technology, medium, content creation, enhancement, video, creation


actions or tasks related to this field

Filming, building skillset, research, Trial and error, understanding issues, construction, motivation


projects that you created in the past

360 custom built drone project:


  • Custom built a drone with a detachable vertical mount that can be fitted to capture 360 video content from the air
  • Originally used to develop current infrastructure methodologies


keywords about the project


– aerial

– electronic

– perspective

– VR (virtual reality)

– beta or rapid prototyping

– open source

– radio frequency

– user controlled content

– editing software

– aesthetic

360 degree


enjoyed most or would like to pursue


  • Editing
  • Creating an aesthetic
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Video
  • perspective



five of the most important skills

  • Recording lots of content
  • Failing early
  • Feedback
  • Legislation
  • Researching each product’s limitations

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