A Look At ‘The Look Up’

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Mathieson Cooper shares some incredible words of future prospects with the LookUp. Thanking him for the new possibilities and insights into helping me expand this awesome experience.

Be sure to head to his Blog and follow his journey throughout UOW and projects he aggregates in the process.

This semester I have been following the works of Sam as he looks to conquer the quest in building the perfect drone. Whilst he won’t admit that he is ‘The Drone Guy’, there is no denying that he is the drone king of UOW at least.

Sam’s drone journey began well before his time at University which makes his story unique. At aged 16 whilst on work placement at the RMS in his home town of Parkes, Sam noticed that the way the engineers and surveyors were conducting bridge inspections seemed to be time and money and consuming and a young Sam thought that there must be a better way to complete these tasks.

It wasn’t until his second year at uni until Sam started experimenting with drones. Sam would first get his hands on a drone in Digc202 where he had an idea for a project that was to…

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One thought on “A Look At ‘The Look Up’

    […] drone devices and 360 degree video technology. This lead to the build of a custom drone that we are prototyping into a MVP (minimum viable product) that is ready for field testing. This stemmed from projects I completed […]


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