Introducing: The ‘LookUp’

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Currently drones look down. They relay a view from an aircraft that looks vertically down past the propellers and usually have a camera on a gimbal with the ability to pan up and down and minor sideways movements. I have custom built from the ground up a drone which implements an external camera located on the top of the aircraft, replacing the traditional bottom placement. This allows a 270-degree vision angle looking vertically from the device.


My prototype has the camera capability to view 360 degrees which means, when linked with a smart device, like a tablet or phone, you can simply move the device to a desired viewpoint by a click and drag around the screen, with complete control. The camera can be linked to a smart phone and inserted into a Virtual Reality (or VR) Headset that allows viewing advantage simply by turning your head. Platforms such…

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One thought on “Introducing: The ‘LookUp’

    A Look At ‘The Look Up’ « T H I N K Sam said:
    October 20, 2016 at 2:41 am

    […] Cooper shares some incredible words of future prospects with the LookUp. Thanking him for the new possibilities and insights into helping me expand this awesome […]


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