FPV Drone: Cocoon Voyager

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Free Look

The Cocoon Voyager Quadcopter was essentially my entry into the FPV (First Person View) arena with drones and piloting. Previously drones I’ve had are smartphone app assisted or don’t really require me to see what the drone see’s. Also, despite my research on drones and their values in society, I’m a learning novice when it comes to Piloting the devices. This $100 drone from Aldi was the perfect opportunity for me to practice my piloting skills and eventually try my skill at FPV flying, which is something I am fascinated by.

Some technical aspects to be excited about (in terms of the price) include:

  • 2.4gHz transmission – which means the range is great and not too dissimilar to a racing drone
  • 720p (HD) Video – live feed is a little less due to the connection speeds however on review these pictures are clear enough for intermediate use
  • 6-Axis Gyroscope –…

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