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Based on the weeks gone by throughout the semester, the topics of “Media Audiences and Ethnography” as well as “Personal Devices in Public Spaces” I’d like to combine these ideologies to put together a collection of case studies that indeed aim to “Persuade an audience to think about how media practises and experience are spatial in nature”. I’d try and look at this from a new perspective of a drone and how audience perception can be changed with the narratives or ethnographic research from a device that brings in a new ‘Disembodiment gaze’. With new technologies such as 360 degree video, First Person View or FPV and Virtual Reality or VR, the applications of a drone are limited only by the users imagination, to which I’d like to challenge, unlock and inspire.

“Three main dimensions of a digital storycircle are explored: multiplications, spatializations (or the building of narratives around sets of individual narratives), and habits of mutual recognition. “

Using this base from the Couldry reading, I’d like to explore the mulitplications as the various entry points to the usage of drones (VR, 360 cameras) and the multiple layers of user control they allow for commercial and leisure flight. Spatializations will look at the drone itself, the speculation from the public as well as the narratives the user and device create in a public space. And lastly mutual recognition I will apply to the policy and regulation of the human and drone technology in modern day public spaces and how this arises external thoughts of privacy.

What do you want to know more about?

I want to explore the fears, oral panics and doubts associated with media drones in public places. The idea that when purchasing these quadcopters is initial fear not helped by aviation companies with guidelines printed in yellow and black.

  • What are people scared of? (Name? Looks? Colours? Sounds? Privacy? The camera attachment?
  • Showcase what can be done with them rather than; should not, can not, must not

Who will your collaborators be?

I will showcase the devices I have acquired over my years of research and would like to showcase some personal footage that introduces someone with minimal knowledge into the drone’s narrative.

  • I will thoroughly reference Adam Rothstein with his book “Drone” and his article “Drone ethnography”
  • Perhaps if I find people across uni, the subject or class I can undertake surveys or Vox-pops that showcase peoples knowledge or lack of towards drones and then implement that into the project

What kinds of digital platforms might help you explore and present what you find?

  • YouTube: this will showcase my personal flights/recordings and showcase some possibilities that are presented with the quadcopters. This could also showcase some interviews if I conduct them with people and their exposure to drones
  • Prezi: This can imbed videos and text into a clearly user controlled platform to view at their discretion

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