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Drone Ethnography

Ethnography – refers to studies of a cultures customs and habits

“Nanomachines, flying robots, botnets, and AI. The genre status switches between blockbuster and headline on a weekly basis.”

The Internet is already a widely accepted use of technology, no one has any problems with it but it hasn’t always been the case. Connections can be drawn with how our obsessive use of the internet is linked to why we as a participatory culture are subconsciously becoming a drone enthusiast society. If we look at the drones characteristics and then we look at current technological consumption, we can see the definitive overlap.

Drone Technology characteristics

  • UAV
  • Geographic information systems
  • Surveillance
  • Sousveillance – that is an activity is recorded by a participant in that activity.
  • Mediation platform – its own experience

Now if we look at the consumer side of technological consumption we see

  • Mapping programs (I a likened to GPS)
  • Location aware pocket software ( iphone > then using location services)
  • Public sourced media data base (YouTube is the big one for footage)
  • Apps and algorithms that navigate (this link from Facebook can be used in software such as A.R. Free Flight 2.0)

Therefore, Rothstein has showcased how we already use alot of the drones characteristics, we just don’t realise it or we, as a society, don’t like the idea of referring it to drones.

Discussed heavily by Adam Rothstein that I would like to draw into using Chris Anderson’s idea that the drone is at the level of a 1970s personal computer. The computer and later the internet become socially and commercially a phenomenon that is something we’re all connected to and have access to. I like the idea that the drone will merge its way through regulation and defeat the mythos accompanying all new technology.

Drones come with a certain technological mythos, a speculative narrative that is slowly being integrated into commercial uses and the features of 360 video is something I believe is helping the changing speculation regarding them. 360 video gives complete control to the viewer on where they want to look spatially within the video experience. Mount the camera to a drone and all of a sudden new perspectives and narratives are drawn, and possibilities both human and technological are seen.

I have begun my own investigation into this acquiring a 360 degree camera mount, 6 go pros and a drone I have custom built based on the DJI ARF Flame-wheel. This is an introductory video into the components I currently have:


360 Degree Cameras + Eagles




Mans link to human enhancement is through tech with animal characteristics and in particular the 360 degree camera attached to a drone presents an eagle like advantage. The idea is that an FPV goggle mount is fixed with a 360 camera, the human has ultimately enhanced themselves based on animal, specifically predator, advantages. Predatory eyes in front for perceptual jumping, the idea is that aggressive immanence only requires a forward view. Then if you think about the prey collection of creature’s eye sight, they’re designed to sense the prey 180 degrees around them with the 90-degree forward view access by constant movement.

This quote debates the idea of humans being fitted with eagle vision, however it clearly resembles that perspective of a drone attached with a 360 degree camera.

“With an eagles 20/5 (four to five times greater than human) vision also have nearly double the field of view. With our eyes angled 30 degrees away from the midline of our faces like an eagle’s, we would see almost all the way behind our heads with a 340-degree visual field (compared to normal humans’ 180 degree field); this would confer a clear advantage in hunting and self-defense.”


N, Wolchover 2012, What if Humans had Eagle Vision?, Live Science, viewed 18th April 2016, <http://www.livescience.com/18658-humans-eagle-vision.html>

Rothstein, A 2011, Drone Ethnography, Rhizome, Blog, 20 July Viewed 13th April 2016, <http://rhizome.org/editorial/2011/jul/20/drone-ethnography/&gt;



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