Quadcopter Narrative: Perspective

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The development of technology is, to Haraway, the production of material artefacts of cultural evolution. Technology becomes a true extension of the human body

Drones entered the consumer world without the slightest hint of public awareness and its a positive direction for the technological evolution of the device. Building on the extension of the eye, 360 Video Technology has integrated its way onto the drone for a more immersive and natural viewing angle ever. One particular device that I’ve managed to get my hands on is the 360Heros camera mount, that acts like a human extension of the skull or neck. The user is able to click and drag viewing any part of the footage they desire. This extends the original narrative of the commercialization of the drone in organisations.

I’ve designed and built a drone for the RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) that is using both the drone technology available, as well as the 360 heros camera mount that will hopefully take away the human hazards of inspecting culverts in roads. The drone doesn’t serve this extension of human capacity for just the services of entertainment and perspective, but for resources and safety. Instead of crawling through drainage pipes these inspections can be performed by one flight through the culvert with a 360 camera, that allow as many views as needed with 360 degree immersion.


360 Degree video has been used for another extension of what I touched on regarded FPV flight. This drone racing with 360 video adds a whole new element to the displacement of the viewer. It has little alteration to the pilot, however this kind of thinking into the world of invention drone narratives. Much like the car modding community, as a contemporary example, the way drones are being tinkered and constructed in DIY kits allows a whole new perspective into a consumer market.


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