Drone: Extension of the Term

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Drones allow an extension of the human eye from a unique perspective from a controlled camera flight. This referral offers analysis of the bridge between technology and human capacity. I want to explore the nature of the drones lens in cybernetic comparison to the eye, as well as FPV (first Person View) as the entry into intentional narratives drawn by their development. Almost think of the view from a drone as if the operator were inside the drone when thinking FPV flight.

The drone industry started with a public perception of fear and lead to anxieties about military and surveillance use that ultimately restricted policy towards the potential for expansion. 3D Robotics CEO has detailed the rising of a small online community “Small UAV Coalition” that according to their website aims to challenge current legislation that restricts the development for enthusiasts to suit their drone needs. They’ve impressively gained the support and representation from Amazon Prime Air, DJI, Google[x], GoPro, Parrot, and 3DR

small uav coalition


He details how drones have taken a dramatic shift in the last 3 years in terms of their trajectory and narrative. Chris hopes that in 5 years the intentional narratives of drones will be predominately commercial. The idea that agriculture, delivery, humanitarian and construction will be required to have a drone on site to keep ahead of the advancing fields. Personally, these small communities such as “Small UAV coalition” are major steps in the development of my own expertise with events such as Hackergong gaining attention and interest from a wider community that expand the idea of mods to drone applications.

FPV flight falls under this threat, as the current restrictions on goggles don’t allow the entertainments such as FPV racing or even controlled flights with the technology in Australia. Communities are realising their strength in numbers however getting around the regulations with the terminology of their practices.

fpv terminonlogy


The development of DJI’s Phantom 4 “sports mode” is in my opinion the showcase of the rapid development from the drone being a military class to consumer by allowing users to have more freedom with the control and almost being a direct link into FPV flight with the monitor, and hopefully later the goggles.


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    samnoakes responded:
    March 28, 2016 at 6:29 am

    Reblogged this on cybercultures blog.


    alecbennett95 said:
    March 29, 2016 at 11:46 pm

    Immediately reading your blog you open with a sentence that proves you are on track and relating your research topic to the course talking about human extensions through technology. This sounds like it will be a really interesting topic to research. Drones suddenly popped up everywhere over the last two years or so. They’re no longer something only highly technical companies or the FBI use, but something the everyday person can use and access. Great use of links in your second paragraph using plenty of examples of drone regulations and its supporters to change the laws. I had no idea so many people were frustrated or trying to push for commercialisation of drones. This is a very interesting blog post. There was a lot of incorporation from the topic into your blog, I would be interested to see how you tie in the extension of the drone as a human eye as your main point of relation to the cybercultures topic. I believe you are definitely on the right track but the only critical or comment I would make is your blog is a great explanation of the idea of drones, like very well presented and researched, but I wanted to know more about the idea of human relationship with drones. I feel like the Week 5 topic, which I have already read too far ahead to get information for my blog, will be really helpful for your blog topic! Really excited to see where you go with this topic and how it develops! Also really excited to see some of your experiments with Drones!

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