Cybernetics, Cyborgs or Just Drones?

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Unmanned aerial vehicles, quad-copters or drones whatever you like to refer to them as offer a unique perspective into a space with a camera lens controlled by you. This referral to an extension of the human eye offers the analysis of these machines as a bridge to technology and human capacity. The use of FPV goggles allows the pilot to have an immersed view of the drones lens as if they were inside the device, and control its flight path without having to watch the device itself.

As a cyber-cultures principle of embodiment unnecessary to being human, this sensation of flying what I believe the closest thing to a spaceship, adds to my intention to exploring the drone as an extension to the human eye. Throughout my investigation I want to uncover the categories in which are linked to the drone/human assessment, how drones are increasingly being used for tools of observation and surveillance (usually or previously done by the human eye) and the use of FPV (first person view) goggles in comparison with a screen based view. The limitations and areas of design and expansion to this technology and how open source models involve a community linking to major corporations. For example, FPV racing popularity has seen the release of what used to be a strict aerial photography device upgraded to posses a “sports mode”  in the DJI Phantom 4. This is explained to be ideal for the beginner drone enthusiast who is looking at improving his aerial control and skills to eventually move onto FPV piloting.


Through my investigation of drones, I’d like to cover some glitching and problems associated with FPV flight, including discussions I’ve noted from peers including range, camera/goggle dropout and the limitations with users needing prescriptions for their visions as well as motion sickness queries.



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