FPV – An Introduction

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Cyberculture can be referred to as the “response to the ubiquitous presence and use of computers and networks for aspects of contemporary social life” for example entertainment.  I like to link ‘computers’ to a broader extension of what is thought of, in a PC or laptop, but to a motherboard of controls to arduino to smart robotics. This leads into my fascination with drones. Over the last year I’ve built an expertise looking into Drones In Agriculture as well as Production, Consumption and Representation of Drones in China which allowed me to then extend the interest into FPV Drone Racing. In an attempt to break down what FPV drone enthusiasts actually do, I’m going to, from a complete beginners perspective, attempt to educate and isolate various elements so that eventually a league or club can be formed under my knowledge. 

FPV or First Person View racing can firstly be catergorised into 3 separate genres in Quadcopter (or multi-copter), Fixed wing (aeroplane) and ground vehicle (usually RC Car or equivalent). I’ll focus on the quadcopter participation and the basic elements originally needed to get started for entry level. The idea is that the pilot wears goggles or observes a monitor to gain a ‘drones eye view’ of their craft maneuvering at speed around a course or track. The difference with the build of the drone itself is that it is predominately smaller, lightweight that rely on pilot skill and speed to gain video footage and even times against other competitors.Enthusiasts have the option of ready assembled, partly assembled or DIY (do it yourself) kits to enter the hobby.

For my first overview of the FPV racing culture, I wanted to firstly break down and identify the equipment used and how it various to something like a Parrot or some DJI drones.



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