Drones In Agriculture Interview: A Farmers Account

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This soundcloud podcast is an extension of my Digital Artefact that looks into the use of drones in agriculture, in the form of an interview phone call. I wrote some questions that addressed the research I undertook at Jodie Wards property in Central West NSW and she answered them whilst I recorded it that allowed me to reflect on the work from a first hand perspective. I realised I could showcase this work and explain how it will change the way agriculture embraces technology, yet a first hand feedback talk with a farmer and potential user proved to be very useful.

I told her that there was no wrong answers and it would be completely informal, and just to say whatever came to her. This being said, the intellectual reflection and professional approached opened up new opportunities and considerations when thinking about the work I undertook. The podcast is a great example of how the technology has a way to go before it becomes a reliable and mass produced service for farming.


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