Agricultural Drone Usage: Parrot A.R. 2.0

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For my digital artefact this semester I’m going to be investigating Drone technology for agricultural use. This is everything from checking lost livestock, crops and fences to building expertise myself flying them. I reckon UAV technology is something that’s going to be revolutionary and with decreased land space for farming and more people in the world everyday this will have lots of benefits

For example, I would explore how flying a drone over a crop fields able to spot small disease infestations that can’t be seen from normal landscape views. Water and pesticides are something that have to be bought and used inevitably on farms. Then as it’s only a small portion of a large scale dimension of land, what this will do is use the resources more effectively and increasing yield.

I work on a family friends farm who are really excited for me to innovate these ideas on their property which is exciting, and I’ll record the process as well as their feedback and possible future ideas.

This is my first video of me flying the drone for the first time at the farm. The footage is a little shaky and the editing to showcase the surveillance opportunities is done with screenshots and paint, but i’m hoping i’ll develop this as the videos progress.

Happy Flying!


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