Digital Asia Intro!

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Hi there!

My name is Sam Noakes and i’m a First Year Communications and Media Studies Student at UOW! I’m really excited about taking on this subject and would like to take a short moment to introduce my interests and try and brainstorm out some ideas for an interesting project. Last semester I researched into 3D Printing after having no prior knowledge and was able to produce a working prosthesis with the technology. This captured my imagination and I’m hoping to unlock some greater advancements in this subject through digital Asia.

In a broad sense my interest and curiosity starts with technology and innovation. I love seeing new prototypes of innovation whether it be the latest object to be 3D printed or just another use for a drone. Cars are probably one of my greatest interests in particular American and Australian Muscle, WRC and more recently RallyCross, Street and Circuit and lastly performance and graphics.

Science fiction is my genre of choice for film including Starwars and Transformers, and EDM choice of music. Gaming is something I’m really passionate about but haven’t devoted as much of my time participating in as far as the on-line scene goes!

Sports lastly takes up the last of my lifestyle with cricket, rugby league and Extreme sports being amongst  the variety i enjoy watching and participating in.

That’s it for now, and I hope to follow one of these paths and explore further to broaden my knowledge on their impact in emerging Asian Culture!


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