3D Printing Life in Space

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Traditionally, animation is the layering of frames in time sequence to create movement and ideally life to objects. Yet take 3D Printing, it’s a layering process as well, yet it’s done in the space to create a physical form. The great challenge is to represent feelings, emotion and/or life to a material object, and 3D prints i believe give a concept physical form and is brought to life over a series of layered slices. For my digital artefact for example, I’m printing parts for a prosthetic hand that will maneuovour similarly to a human hand with tendons. It’s been described as “not simply a tool” but more a projection of the users limb. The prosthetic therefore¬†is limited to the imagination to bring it to life as its function is to replicate life, as part of a human body.

I’ve found that explaining my thoughts in a Paint document helps to identify what I mean about the layering process for animation against 3D printing.


2 thoughts on “3D Printing Life in Space

    thepinkprotagonist said:
    May 7, 2015 at 4:35 am

    Stop motion is a pretty amazing form of animation and with the added bonus of new technologies such as 3D printing so much more can be done now. Not to mention that because of the printing you can create such fluid motion! I almost could not tell that, that polar bear was created entirely from 3D printed images. If you are interesting in finding out more about 3D printing being used in animation have a look at this blog http://gizmodo.com/in-the-boxtrolls-3d-printing-makes-stop-motion-animati-1636519977 3D printing was actually using in the creation of Box Trolls to make the faces of each character. I also like how you have tried to explain your idea in a more tangible way through a very simple illustration. You really can see how stop motion and 3D printing can be quite similar but also very different.

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    DIGC said:
    May 16, 2015 at 5:54 am

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