Still Image Project (Capture The Uncanny)

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“Uncanny” work denotes a sense of fear or unsettled emotion, a strange feeling that something’s not quite right with the image, even though nothing in particular is necessarily wrong with the objects. For this particular work, I addressed the notion of uncanniness with inappropriate dress codes for certain situations and explored Freud’s explanation of the Uncanny with subtle reference to Death. I worked with strong symbolism of “red” to generate this state of panic, madness and death, in conjunction with small working spaces for a response of confinement and claustrophobia. I found by looking at artist’s work of uncanny, the objects and setting used made me feel greater discomfort, thus provoking levels of uncomfort towards everyday things such as a shower, lemonade and shoes with the materials and manipulation of setting. Lighting arrangement in the studio setting allowed for interesting exposure of uncanny value towards the red water’s reflection over a page. As well as this, small amounts of exposure time captured in detail the water dropping from the shower head, which I found to be quite aesthetic, in the midst of gruesome subjects. Interesting use of contrast and brightness picked up a strange uncanniness to the subjects, when given attention.

IMGP8065IMG_4512 (2) IMGP8024IMG_4519 IMG_4525  IMGP8044


One thought on “Still Image Project (Capture The Uncanny)

    Juzzy said:
    May 1, 2015 at 12:56 am

    Great Photos !! A little bit odd ? Even a bit sick or sad, not quite sure ??!!

    Liked by 1 person

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