MEDA 101 “Authority”

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The notion of Authority could encompass the way we are told to act, or be in a particular way, and the force behind the demands. It can also venture into control and how the power of something or someone can prove to affect the boundaries we set ourselves. The idea is to explore the non-physical and less concentrated power of time or urgency, as authoritative. Slow paced, and by taking a step away and realising the calmness of time as a soothing commodity, clashing with the irony that is 1 minute of your time you won’t get back is practical evidence of the piece. Rhythmic and heavy lengths of sound address perhaps the subtle control of the passing of time. How often has lateness or recording encapsulated your attention? Is this really so different to physical force or barriers? Mesmerising and deep thought is how I’m expecting the responder to  react to this piece, as if in philosophical trance of writing.


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