3D Printing in All its Glory

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On my drive home yesterday I was listening to popular radio stations promoting a video gone viral about how “Tony Stark” (A.K.A Robert Downey Junior) gave a young boy, with a partially developed arm, a new bionic one that resembled his superhero character, Ironman. To say I was excited, is an understatement. My thought process quickly lead me to BCM112 and the digital artefact task…could this be something worth exploring?

The video details a college student who 3D prints bionic limbs to kids around the world, and how this was made especially to facilitate the young boys interest in comic superheroes. It really inspired me greatly as I’m also an unashamed fan of Action-Science fiction superhero movies, and the opportunity to combine this with helping those who must go through some heavy struggles in life. Of course this is early stages of what is being proposed but it’s got my attention already, it makes me want to learn about this process of 3D printing and turn it into a common commodity.

Watch this space! 


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